What You Need to Know About Locksmith Services During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced thousands of businesses nationwide to close their doors to the public for months, and information regarding what businesses are considered essential has been murky and difficult to determine.

Dallas Area Locksmith is happy to report that we are still open for business via our mobile locksmith services, and we are ready to help you secure your home or business in these uncertain times.  What can we do for you? Here are some suggested services we can still safely provide even with pandemic lockdowns in place.

Residential Door Hardware Upgrades

Given the amount of time everyone is spending at home with their loved ones right now, door lock security has never been more important. Both deadbolt and door handle locks should be installed and in good repair to reduce the risk of break-ins. Chances are you already know of one or two entrances to your home that have old locks in need of an upgrade. Moreover, the door handle and deadbolt cover plate may be in need of replacement.

We also offer services for the installation of advanced electronic smart locks, which are becoming more popular with homeowners who already have a video security system or video doorbell installed. If you’ve been considering an upgrade to a key fob or smartphone accessible home locking system, we would be happy to help.

Now is the perfect time to have one of our mobile locksmiths come out and upgrade the locks, deadbolts and cover plates so that your home stays secure against forced entry. All of our technicians follow CDC safety and social distance guidelines while on the job, and we never send a technician out on a call if they are sick. While at your home, they will wear masks and gloves to protect you and them from potential infection. Moreover, all phones and tools are sanitized regularly with disinfectant to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Automotive & Residential Emergency Lockout Services

Everyone locks themselves out of their home or car at some point in their lives. There is no feeling quite like the panic of realizing you’ve just locked yourself out, too. That sensation of rising panic that you can’t get back inside and are stuck outdoors or without the ability to get into your car can really knock you for a loop.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about finding a locksmith who will get you back inside. Dallas Area Locksmith offers full emergency lockout services for your home or vehicle 24/7. Give us a call, and we will send someone out right away to get you back on the road or safely indoors. Here is a brief list of our services:


-Home lockout

-Bedroom lockout

-New lock installation

-Re-entry services


-Emergency car door unlocking

-Key in ignition

-Vehicle rekeying services

In addition to vehicle and door lock emergency service, we also offer in-home services for lockboxes and safes, too. When you can’t find the key or remember the combination to your home safe, call us, and we’ll have it open for you in no time. Keep your valuables secure, and you can feel secure knowing that in the event of an emergency lockout we can always open your safe for you when you need us.

Commercial & Business Property Reinforcement Services

Just because your business is closed doesn’t mean criminals are taking time off, too. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your lock security. Don’t be an easy target for professional thieves seeking to take advantage of the unfortunate circumstances created by this global pandemic.

It’s likely that if you are a small business owner, you still have significant inventory on hand that needs to be secured during the lockdown. Are you certain that your locks and security features are sufficient to keep your inventory safe? If you haven’t upgraded your locks and security barriers in a while, there may be ways that weaknesses in the security could be exploited during an attempted break-in.

Don’t lose inventory and risk property damage when a few minor changes and upgrades could prevent this unfortunate scenario. Dallas Area Locksmith offers the following commercial services to protect your business while you and your employees are away:

-Changing & rekeying locks

-Commercial lock repair

-Commercial lock installation

-Barricade, latch bar and shutter lock services

If you’ve been considering an upgrade or some security improvements to the locks in your commercial property, don’t hesitate. Call us now and make sure you are prepared and protected against break-ins during the lockdown.

Final Thoughts

While our daily lives have undergone a dramatic change during these uncertain times, the services at Dallas Area Locksmith remain unwavering. We have made some modifications to how we provide our services, but all these minor changes are designed specifically to keep you and your loved ones safe while we continue to navigate this global health crisis.

Your safety and security are our top priorities, and the CDC guidelines we follow are an integral part of meeting our commitment to our valued customers. All of our technicians wear CDC-approved face masks and gloves when providing mobile services, and all tools, hardware and equipment are sanitized daily to ensure your protection.

If you live in the greater Dallas area and are in need of a reliable, trustworthy locksmith, we hope you will think of Dallas Area Locksmith first. We’re here to keep your home, vehicle and business safe during our present health crisis. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.