4 Tips to Improve your Garage Door Security in Dallas

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When a burglar wants to get into your home, he will try to find the loopholes of the entry points. Maybe you neglected to secure your garage, and thieves know this home security system disregard. Indeed, the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) revealed that about ten percents of burglars break into houses through the garage. Gain peace of mind by improving your garage door security with these three smart tips.


1 – Don’t leave your garage door remote in your car


Even if it can be convenient, don’t leave your garage door opener in your car. You should always take it with you to your home. You can use a keychain remote to make sure to bring it home with your car keys.


2 – Always check if your garage door is opened or closed


As for any entry doors, you should always make sure your garage door is closed when you leave your house. When you go to sleep, take a minute to close the doors of your home and garage to minimize security risks.


3 – Install motion sensor to your garage door


There are many options to increase your garage door security system. You can install motion-detecting floodlights and make sure your motion is activated. You can also install security cameras to gain peace of mind.


4 – Use a door lock with a high-security system


If you don’t have an automatic garage door, you should consider installing a high-quality lock. When your garage door opens manually, you can use a t-handle lock or a slide lock.


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